Jaggi Vasudev

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Real NameJagadish Vasudev
Alternative NamesJaggi, Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev, Sadhguru
Date of Birth1957
Date of DeathStill Alive
Spiritual TraditionYoga
MethodsYoga, Meditation, Kriyas
HeadquartersCoimbatore, India
RegionIndia, US, Western Europe



Jaggi Vasudev is a prominent English-speaking spiritual teacher in India. According to some reports[1], he was trained by Rishi Prabhakar, himself a follower of Werner Erhard and Mahesh Yogi.

He himself follows a lavish lifestyle, driving BMW motorcycles and staying in top-notch hotels.


  • Worship of the Hindu God Siva and an associated idol called the Dhyanalingam
  • Harnessing of one's inner energies via yogic practices

Influence and Followers

  • Has established many organizations for social welfare in his region.

Famous Followers

  • The Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, M Karunanidhi, is often seen together with Jaggi Vasudev

Controversies and Criticism

  • Calls himself a Sadhguru (the true teacher).
  • His organization charges a relatively high fee (calling it a donation) for various spiritual courses.
  • Media-savvy and appears regularly in newspapers, advertisements, sharing the stage with important politicians etc.
  • His wife died, according to him, "while deep in meditation".
  • Encourages use of beads, rudraksha, mantras etc.

Organizations and Websites

The foundation runs various courses under the supervision of the teacher himself or trained assitant teachers. Some of the courses are as under:

    • Free Introductory Seminar, Duration = 1-2hours
    • Inner Engineering, Duration = 3 days, Course fee = Rs 5500 (for Indian nationals)[2]
    • Inner Enginnering Intensive, Duration = 4 days, Course fee = USD 1800[3]
    • Samyama, Duration = 8 days, Course fee = Unknown.
    • Bhava Spandana, Duration = 4 days, requires a previous course, Course fee = USD 450[4]


Mystic's Musings

It is a collection of his talks and dialogues. The book on Amazon.com.

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