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Real NameJiddu Krishnamurti
Alternative NamesKrishnaji, JK, K, Krishnamurti
Date of BirthMay 11, 1895
Date of DeathFebruary 17, 1986
Spiritual TraditionNon-Denominational
MethodsDialogue, Awareness
HeadquartersChennai, India
TeacherVarious Influences
RegionIndia, US, Western Europe



Born in India, groomed to be the World Teacher by the Theosophical Society, rejected this role, but ended up as a very erudite spiritual teacher generally speaking to international audiences.

Though he dissolved the society formed to eulogize him as a world teacher, and gave back most of the donations, he was supported throughout his life by these early large donations and by the patronage of the ruling and leisure classes in India and abroad.


  • Reject tradition
  • Rely on yourself
  • Be aware of your own conditioning
  • Mind is the hindrance

Influence and Followers

Had a wide following during and after his death amongst literate artists, intellectuals and the English speaking rich.

Famous Followers

Controversies and Criticism

  • Had multiple surreptitious affairs with his female followers and associates.[1]
  • Fought with his publishing collaborator over copyrights and lost the case.[1]
  • Dominating and impatient in dialogues, he usually did not allow any viewpoint other than his own to be considered seriously
  • Frequently short-tempered and temperamental (His long-time discussion companion David Bohm reportedly went into depression because of Krishnamurti's attitude)[2]
  • Built a cult of mystery and reverence around himself.
  • Towards the end of life, claimed that not even one person had understood him and his teachings in his entire life.
  • Towards the end of his life, made the grand claim that a "vehicle" like him would not happen again for many hundred years.

Organizations and Websites


  • The First and Last Freedom
  • Commentaries on Living, Vol I, II and III
  • Krishnamurti's Notebook
  • Krishnamurti's Journal
  • Various anthologies of his talks, lectures and dialogues

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